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Shape Shake

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Shape shake is a high quality protein shake that will keep you feeling full for a long time. Shape Shake multi-source protein blend contains milk protein and protein isolate. Milk proteins have all 9 essential amino acids required by humans and are bioavailable.

The creamy Shape Shake of Nutritech contains very little sugar, it mixes easily and tastes incredible! With only 102 calories per serving, you can enjoy your shake with a clear conscience. Combined with a proper diet and exercises, Shape Shake will help you achieve your goals.


    • Protein shake with an incredible taste
    • Satifies hunger
    • Ideal meal replacement when dieting
    • Low in sugar
    • Low calorie
    • Available in a pot of 900 g (30 servings)

    Milk protein isolate (milk), starch (E1442), corn starch, skimmed milk powder (milk), guar gum and Xanthan gum (thickening agents), flavour, sodium chloride, beta-carotene (E160a(iii)) (colouring), acesulfame K (sweetener), sucralose (sweetener).



    Milk protein isolate (milk), starch (E1442), skimmed milk powder (milk), cocoa powder 20-22%, flavour, (corn) starch, guar gum and Xanthan gum (thickening agents), sodium chloride, acesulfame K (sweetener), sucralose (sweetener).


    Milk protein isolate (milk), starch (E1442), (corn) starch, skimmed milk powder (milk), instant coffee, cocoa powder 20-22%, guar gum and Xanthan gum (thickening agent), sodium chloride, acesulfame K (sweetener), sucralose (sweetener), flavour.


    Contains milk and corn.
    Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, nuts and wheat. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Always keep tightly sealed

  • Shape shake s best consumed immediately after weight training or intense exercise, or as a quality protein source throughout the day. Simply mix 30 g (1 scoop) of Shape Shake with 300 ml skimmed milk. Shake it for 10 to 20 seconds and enjoy!

    If you are on a calorie controlled diet, we recommend mixing it with water instead of milk to avoid extra calories.